Academic Tutoring: Math Course Selection



It is not unusual for parents and students to be confused about math course offerings at their schools. If I know the student and understand how math fits into the overall academic picture, I can work with you to decide which courses are most appropriate for you.

As a general guide, below is a summary table of typical math tracks offered in the middle schools and high schools.

Grade At grade level Accelerated Gifted
 6 Math 6 Condensed* Pre-Algebra*
 7 Math 7 Pre-Algebra* Algebra 1
 8 Math 8 Algebra 1 Geometry
 9 Algebra 1 Geometry Algebra 2
10 Geometry Algebra 2 Pre-Calculus
11 Algebra 2 Pre-Calculus Calculus
12 Pre-Calculus Calculus Elective


*The names and details of these courses vary by school district. The intent is to give Middle School students a path to move from one track to another. "Condensed" is a placeholder for a variety of condensed and accelerated offerings, whereas "Pre-Algebra" is often a combination of Math 7 and Math 8. Some schools refer to Pre-Algebra as Transition Math. You should consult your middle school for details.