Testing Timeline 


There is no single "correct" sequence of which standardized tests to take or when to take them. Although I can help you decide from a math perspective, there are many other considerations. However, to give you a rough idea, below is a timeline of when tests are offered and frequently taken.


Grade Months Offered Test
9 May, June

SAT subject test (e.g., Biology)

May, June SAT subject test (e.g., Chemistry)
11 Oct PSAT
Oct, Dec, Feb, April, June ACT
Nov, Dec, Jan, March, May, June SAT
May, June SAT subject test (e.g., Physics)
12 Sep, Oct, Dec ACT
Oct, Nov, Dec SAT or SAT subject test

SAT subject tests are not offered in March, and they cannot be taken on the the same day that you are taking the SAT.