Test Prep FAQ



Below are answers to common questions about preparing for the standardized tests.

Where do tutoring sessions take place?
Tutoring sessions take place in your home or in your neighborhood library. Tutoring may also take place over the Internet.
How often are sessions scheduled and how long are they? Tutoring sessions are usually scheduled once per week, but can be more or less often depending on the situation. Sometimes a more intensive "crash course" is needed. The typical session is one hour.
How many sessions will be needed?
Sessions will run until a major test date or until a target score is achieved. Mr. Corn will work with you to formulate a testing plan that is appropriate for you.
How long will it be until I see some results?
Some students respond quickly to tutoring while others take longer. After a few sessions, Mr. Corn will know what you can reasonably expect, and he will discuss this with the student and parents. Although there are many factors, the most important factor is how much time and effort the student is willing to give.
How will I know how my student is doing?
Every month parents receive a written report containing a summary of math gaps and topics that needed refreshing, practice test scores, and any issues or concerns. Of course parents can call Mr. Corn anytime they want an update.
What makes you different from other SAT tutors?
Mr. Corn only tutors the math sections of the SAT. His approach consists of two parts. First, he reviews the math you will need to know for the SAT, starting with pre-algebra (middle school math). Next he gives you a series of practice tests to take. For questions that you answer incorrectly or do not answer, he reviews the cause (did you understand the question, do you know the math, did you run out of time, etc.). As patterns emerge, he may do additional math review, demonstrate test taking techniques, and give you additional questions of that type to do. This is a very individualized approach, unique to each student.

Why schouldn't I attend one of the commercial SAT classes?

The commercial SAT classes run about two months and will have 5-15 students in a class. There is nothing "wrong" with attending if you do not need individual attention or more lead time. However, many students will get higher scores if they start preparing sooner and get one-on-one attention from a tutor.